HOOKAH FRUITS™ is the next generation of innovative Hookah smoking. We provide a healthier and tastier alternative to Tobacco use with our “Fruits for Smoking” products. Hookah Fruits® is committed in providing top of the range shisha flavours with the same extensive range of current tobacco products and more. The entire process of Chopping, Processing, Flavouring, Filling and Packaging follows strict International and Australian standards. As such, regular quality testing by qualified and experienced professionals, ensures that our products conform to the latest quality standards. All our raw materials are sourced from different farmers and manufacturers throughout the prominent suppliers. Production starts by hand-picking the best quality fruits as a base for our product. Afterwards, through processing, natural additives and preservatives are added. To top it all off, your Fruits for Smoking are packaged by us and shipped to your door, making it the most ideal replacement for tobacco smoking. Welcome to HOOKAH FRUITS™. A new, and unique experience in the world of shisha smoking. Say goodbye to carcinogenic tobacco and Say hello to the world of Hookah Fruits®, a product derived from the processed fruits/ herbs/ spices that we all love.

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Why should I Use HOOKAH FRUITS™?

Hookah Fruits® is a healthier way of continuing the ancient tradition of shisha. By abandoning the harmful additives such as Tar, Nicotine and Tobacco, we are enabling our users to experience the same delights and social ambiences with much less health risks.

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How to use HOOKAH FRUITS™?


Open the Protective Seal.

Only open when you are ready to use to get the best hookah experience.


Pack the Shisha Bowl

Use a teaspoon to spread the desired amount of flavour to the sides of the bowl.


Add the Charcoals

Heat up the charcoal then place the pierced foil onto the head and push it down tightly. Position the hot charcoal on top and it is ready to enjoy!


Extended Smoking

The unique formula provides a rich, intense, and dense smoke through the whole process of smoking. Regular refilling (10 to 15g) is enough for up to 3 hours of intensive smoking.

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