Covid, social distancing, and isolation, these are the term that has been coming since 2020. All of this meant more time at home whether it be at work remotely, staying in on the weekends, or family gatherings online. And this further time in the house and the incapability to go out and socialise possibly destined more time with your hookah.

You will also have more hours to smoke in a year than ever before. You can store different types of tobacco-free flavoured hookah to make your experience better. But it is also important to store your hookah properly to keep it safe from wear and tear. Below, I’m going to share some important things that you should consider to keep your hookah fresh.

Hookah Pro Guidelines to Keep Your Pipe & Shisha Fresh
If you are a hookah lover, then you will absolutely know ways to wipe your hookah parts. Cleaning and rinsing with hookah cleaning supplies are one of the important parts of your hookah smoking routine.
The below-mentioned information will provide you something different tips and tricks that you may not have heard before to keep your shisha pipe smoking in the best possible shape. Here you can also get the way to maintain your tobacco-free shisha freshness as well as promote premium smoking sessions.

1. Let the Hookah Bowl Cool
One of the main mistakes many individuals make with hookah preservation is that they try to clean hookah and hookah bowls very swiftly after a smoking session. Cleaning these hookah parts deprived of giving them appropriate time to cool off can concession them.
And also rinsing a hot hookah bowl with cold water will create micro-fractures in the clay or outside shatter of the bowl. The microfracture will let shisha juices seep through the bowl the next time you smoke. It can also create more mess. So, always let your hookah cool before washing.

2. How to Store Hookah Shisha?
For long-lasting tobacco-free flavoured hookah, you should spend some money on sealable containers. Now, shisha also arrives in packing that is better than ever but it’s not perfect. Glass containers are best with a rubber or silicone sealed lid. You can remove extra hookah from the bags that derived in and lid them away in a dry, dark place light a secretive for extreme freshness in the future.

3. Don’t Forget Your Hookah’s Purge Valve
There are many problems with cloud output or limited smoke in a hookah session that can be outlined back to bad airflow. It is great to regularly take apart the purge valve on your shisha pipe to confirm the ball bearing isn’t sticking. You should clean this hookah part regularly to preserve air moving freely through your hookah. No airflow means no flavoursome shisha smoke.

4. Hookah Heat Management Device Maintenance
Probably the hookah part that is most hard to clean, the HMD. Shisha frequently burns to the lowest part of the device and becomes apparently impossible to eliminate. Your first move is to effort to clear as much burnt shisha off of the HMD although it is still warm.

Handle with care and slightly scrape the tobacco off before using water. Once you’ve detached all that you can, let it cool. After that, soak the device in hot water and take a coarse brush to remove wastes. The more often you wash your hookah parts, the better. Don’t let it build up. When you take care of your hookah, it will take care of you. And you should regularly clean the shisha pipe and your hookah parts for the sustained quality smoking session.