The shisha culture is very popular in Australia. The bliss of socialising with your mates and trying out different flavours is a one-of-a-kind experience. Due to high demand, it isn’t easier to decide on your favourite hookah bars and shisha lounges, especially those that provide safe alternatives to tobacco and a great variety of hookah flavours.

Fruits for hookah are an ideal replacement for tobacco smoking and bringing a unique experience in the world of shisha smoking. To widen your scope of understanding, we have gathered the best information about shisha lounges in Sydney, where to buy shisha online in Australia, and how you can opt for a nicotine-free smoking option. Let’s begin!

What is Shisha Lounge Look Like?
Each place brings to you a different kind of experience each time. If you’re heading for the first time, you should expect anything from dim rooms with bright neon lights and loud music for a youth-centred experience. Family-friendly restaurants offer a quiet, beautiful ambience, and stunning night scene for a casual laid-back vibe. Don’t worry, there is a venue for every taste and requirement in Sydney, all you need to find what suits you best.

What kind of Flavours are offered?
Fruits for smoking are a safer and healthier way of continuing the tradition of shisha. It is time to abandon the hazardous additives like tar, tobacco, and nicotine and experience the same delights and cheerful social ambiences with distinctive fruity flavours.

There is a wide range of fruit-based flavours to fit all tastes and preferences, including berry, melon, tropical, apple, grapes, orange, mint, mango, peach, watermelon, and the list just goes on. These are less dangerous and safe alternatives to traditional ways of smoking. Just relax, smoke, and enjoy the optimal taste of flavours!

Best Shisha Lounges in Sydney
It is very common to see people visiting shisha or hookah hotspots to enjoy a memorable smoking session and that too accompanied by a mouth-watering food menu. You should choose the venue that offers a premium experience, products, and services that suit your standards, lifestyle, and requirements.

• Kazbah-Darling Harbour
Nothing could be better than enjoying delightful flavours and recipes of the Middle East alongside a magnificent view of the harbour. The place offers a wide array of shisha flavours, such as herbal shisha, which is a tobacco-free alternative and available in mint, double apple, strawberry, mixed fruit, and other flavours.

• Titanic Café- Bankstown
This is the place where your entire family can enjoy a massive selection of Middle-Eastern and Italian food. They serve shisha flavours and fruit heads alongside delicious desserts that will add a refreshing element to your meal.

• BMCP-Parramatta
This venue is located on a street-side where people can enjoy a range of shisha flavours alongside non-stop music and neon lighting, leaving you amazed with exciting nightlife. You can sit back with your friends and enjoy fruity flavour combinations like musk melon dream, coconut crunch, rose kiss, exotic kiwi, and many more.

Of course, you don’t need to step outside your home to try out exclusive hookah flavours as you can purchase them online and enjoy them at your own leisure.

Where to buy Hookah Fruit Flavours?
For all the shisha enthusiasts, Hookah Fruits present an exclusive range of flavours that will set a new benchmark in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Our fruit flavours are produced from premium-grade ingredients that offer rich flavour, superior smoke ability, and intense cloud each time.

All our products contain no nicotine, no tar, and no tobacco. Our fruit flavours are handpicked and carefully packed while eliminating several health risks. Simply place an order online and let us handle the rest to get valuable shisha supplies in Australia.