We compiled a list of different types of hookah so you can easily buy this product. Tobacco has different types and most of them were used in the past but for this article, we are focused on the modern types of tobacco. It’s important to note that we only focus on the basic types of tobacco. There are many types of mixed tobacco in stores. Also, for some unique features, special types of tobacco can be mixed.
Golden leaf tobacco
If you ever smoked hookah, chances are you have used this special kind of tobacco. This product that is also known as Virginia was first planted in Virginia but because of its Golden leaf, it is called Golden leaf tobacco.
The leaves of this tobacco are light yellow at first but after drying out their color turns to dark orange. Traditionally the process of drying these tobacco leaves will be done in large barns with hanging the leaves upside down. Inside this barn have a flue system that transfers the smoke of a nearby fire to warm up and dry out the leaves. This kind of tobacco has a light taste and is being planted in more than 75 countries across the world. Because of this more than 40% of the world’s tobacco productions are Golden leaf or Virginia tobacco.
Most of the producers wash the leaves of this tobacco or even boil it so there is no nicotine in this type of tobacco. The base of the final product is mostly honey but it’s not honey necessarily.
Dark leaf tobacco
If you are going to buy tobacco you must know that the other type of tobacco is dark leaf tobacco. This tobacco is also known as black leaf tobacco or simply black tobacco. This is a general name for a big group of tobacco that their color may range from brown to black. The color of leaves is mostly related to the type of tobacco or the process of making it. This means that there is a lot of difference between the golden leaf and black leaf tobacco. This kind of tobacco also has different kinds and the final product of each of them is different than another.
Dark leaf tobacco in addition to being favorite among the hookah smokers is used for making cigars too. This tobacco always dries out by putting it against air. Because of this, a big portion of its sugar washes out and its color change to brown. If you’re going to buy this kind of tobacco you must know that it has a strong flavor.
The brand of tobacco
When you want to buy tobacco you must pay a lot of attention to the brand of it as well. In the below section we take a look at some of the most famous tobacco brands which helps you a lot in choosing the best tobacco. If you choose a good brand you will never have a bad experience is smoking tobacco and because of this, choosing the best brand is very important.
This brand was founded in 2005 in the united states and after a short period with introducing their blue mist flavor, it became one of the most known companies in the world.
Know you can find more than 120 flavors and mixes of this brand. But in addition to this, Starbuzz produces the Most modern hookahs in the world and produces a lot of other smoking-related products too.
Tangiers has a lot of fame in the tobacco market and is one of the best brands to buy tobacco. The production base of this brand is in California and more often than not, people with a lot of experience in tobacco smoking use it not the beginning smokers. It’s being suggested that for the best smoking experience use a special bowl to smoke Tangiers.
Al-Fakher is one of the oldest and most popular brands of tobacco in all around the world. This brand that is inspired by traditional hookahs and conquered the markets of different countries is based in UAE. This brand is one of the most famous brands in UAE too and is being used in all the countries across the world for the good experience that it gives to smokers.
Since 1999 this brand is one of the serious competitors in the market which giving the experience it has, there’s nothing to surprise at all. You can use al-Fakher in any kind of bowl and using it, is very easy and convenient. If you’re a beginning smoker and don’t want to get involved in the difficult preparation process, this brand is the best choice for you.
Al-Waha is one of the best tobacco brands across the world. This tobacco that is being produced in Jordan is one of the first choices of beginning and experienced smokers. Al-Waha products are being produced using the leaves of French tobacco which have a heavy smoke. So if you want to buy tobacco with heavy smoke and different taste, we suggest this brand to you.
Khalil Mamoon
Khalil Mamoon tobacco is a world brand that produces hookah and tobacco. The start of this brand in hookah and tobacco dates back to the 19th century in Cairo, Egypt.
With producing traditional and modern tastes this brand was able to keep his popularity for more than two centuries. They were able to reach this by supplying the best tobacco and maintaining their prices.
Some brands offer their high-quality products with unreasonable prices but if you want to buy high-quality tobacco at a reasonable price, Khalil Mamoon is the best choice. This brand was able to maintain its old tradition of producing different tastes without compromising the quality. This tobacco that is producing using pure honey, glycerin, Khalil Mamoon’s special molasses, and natural flavors makes you fall in love with pleasant and high-quality flavors of hookah smoke.
Nakhla is an Egyptian company in which its base is located in Cairo and is producing tobacco since 1913. This brand is one of the best and oldest producers of hookah all around the world and due to its high-quality products, it was able to maintain its popularity.
Nakhla produces more than 50 different tastes and uses 5 different production lines to do this. In march 2003 this company became one of the subsidiaries of Japan Smoking Inc. with no doubt Nakhla gives you the old experience of a good hookah. You can expect a strong taste of this unwashed tobacco because one of the strongest feelings of tobacco belongs to Nakhla.