Choosing the right tobacco blend can transfer your experience from “wasn’t bad” to “wow” in an instant, and so it is of utmost importance while one plans to buy tobacco online. It is also very important for pipe smokers, hand-rollers, and cigar fans to find the right blend for their taste. This, though, has proven to be more complicated than one would expect from online tobacco shopping. As the market grows, choosing the best product gets rougher and rougher as we have long since moved from ‘what tobacco brand does my uncle recommend’ to a whole range of factors that can affect the quality of the tobacco you plan to buy online.

Now there are questions one should ask of oneself before taking an online tobacco trip, as the variety may surprise or overwhelm you. Questions like: what am I exactly looking for? What type of tobacco best suits what I need? What blend should I go for? Do I want an all-natural brand, or a chemically altered one? What kind of kick am I looking for? And so on.

Take this all in and imagine having to list all that before purchasing your desired blend. Of course, it’s going to be confusing and overwhelming, as online shopping always is. Buying tobacco online is no difference, but as a result of advancements in technology, you can just sit behind your laptop, sip on your coffee and browse the web for the information you are looking for. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it gets for you to make the right choice.

First, you should know that there are several types of tobacco types and that each offer something different, similar as they may be. They come in various forms for cigars, waterpipes, cigarillos, bidis, and many more. These include Latakia, Burley, Dokha, Perique, Cavendish, Criollo, Maduro, Virginia, and other types. Know your type, and you will know what to look for; as Latakia has a rich flavor and a very unique, smoky aroma, or Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco used, first and foremost, for cigarette productions. You will slowly learn that Dokha is 100% ‘unalloyed’ tobacco and is processed unlike any other commercial tobacco products and that Cavendish can be produced out of any tobacco type but is usually one of, or a blend of; Kentucky, Virginia, and Burley. These pieces of information may sound impractical, but in this one’s humble opinion, every and all customers must learn these.

Having learned the different types of tobaccos (which this article is not focused on and more research should be done for aficionados), we move on to the topic of Blending which is an important thing to consider when you want to buy tobacco online. First and foremost, it should be remembered that there are no guidelines on the proportions of tobacco varietals that should be used to create a blend. Which means there is no textbook definition for what constitutes each blend. That being said, we can somehow narrow the list down to some more renowned and famous blends such as:

  • American Tobacco Blends
  • Aromatic Pipe Tobacco
  • Balkan Tobacco Blends
  • English Tobacco Blends
  • Oriental Tobacco Blends
  • Scottish Tobacco Blends

The American blend, which in itself consists of three different types of tobacco, is probably the broadest one on the list. Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and Oriental tobacco are the variations, which come in different nicotine amounts.

aromatics and non-aromatics may be listed among different blends, but they are the two most distinctive types in the market. Aromatic tobaccos are often understood as flavored blends, for the tobacco is soaked in flavored essence during the process of its making.

The next one on the list is Balkan Tobacco, which is a strong combination of Latakia, strong Oriental, and Turkish leaves. It gives off a smoky aroma. It is noteworthy that, the original blend consists of significant amounts of Virginia tobacco.

As you are aware of the United Kingdom’s Tobacco Purity Laws, it was not allowed for anyone in Britain to add anything other than pure tobacco to the blend. And Although the law was repealed in 1986, contemporary English blends continue to be associated with a Virginia base balanced by Latakia and occasionally Oriental tobacco as well.

Oriental Tobacco Blend, as the name suggests, are often composed of several varieties of Turkish and Oriental tobacco. If you plan on buying tobacco online, you should know that they may consist of Latakia as the main condiment more often than not. The crop also has a unique aroma that no other type can give off and it is, thus, a vital ingredient in premium American blends and “light” cigarettes. It is noteworthy to mention that, as rare is straight oriental blends may be, they still do exist.

Next comes the Scottish blend, which mostly features oriental and also contains Virginia as secondary, and latakia as supporting. Some even say that Scottish blends are English blends that have unflavored black Cavendish added. This blend is known for being mellow and slightly aromatic in the online tobacco shopping world.


Having gone through this article, you must have gathered some idea about what blend and type are best for you, and with sufficient knowledge, are now ready to thrive the market, and shop for the best tobacco online! What remains untouched counts as personal preference, and contains information on brands and prices, which would undoubtedly help any customer out, yet it remains outside of the grounds that were touched, and require further readings by the buyer.