Nowadays, hookah smoking is becoming very popular, especially among the youth and some exotic flavours will possibly capture your attention. Many of us are already aware of hookah, which is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco but note that this innocent-looking equipment can be dangerous for your health.

You can escape all hazardous side effects by abandoning the additives like nicotine, tobacco, and tar and experience the same delights in uniquely produced fruity flavours. The freshly processed fruits replace traditional tobacco, which in turn offers a tastier and healthier hookah experience in every puff.

To ease your shisha online shopping process, we at Hookah Fruits allow our users to choose from a variety of flavours that relatively produce more intense smoke with much fewer health ramifications. While producing hookah flavour combinations, we keep all taste preferences in mind and it is fair to say that we have plenty of exquisite options for everyone. This guide will help you find out which flavour might suit your palate the best.

1. Blueberry
Every puff of this impressive flavour brings to you the freshness and sweetness of blueberries. This flavour gives a juicy and delicious taste, great aroma, and refreshment, making it an ideal choice for berry lovers. On a side note, you will highly appreciate its rich flavour and smell in your mouth.

2. Orange
When you have just started to like fruit flavours, orange is a great choice in the citrus category. It gives a whimsical taste of fresh oranges, a rich aroma, and adds bliss to your smoking experience. This flavour might overpower your taste buds, thereby, combining it with mint notes can make it an incredibly amazing option.

3. Grape
This flavour is subtle yet smooth and sweet that will make you feel like you’re having real grapes. It contains a perfect blend of red and green grapes that set a divine experience of a light and refreshing juicy shisha session. You can buy shisha and add grape flavour to it to enjoy a unique taste and aroma for long hours.

4. Lime Mint
It is filled with a sensation and cool element that makes every shisha experience remarkable. While it has a refreshing essence of chill and windy taste, the taste isn’t too strong and gives a wonderful minty taste and aroma to users.

5. Watermelon
Do the red chunks of watermelon bring a big smile to your face? Then, this watermelon flavour is a perfect choice for you. It provides a sweet and refreshing taste of watermelon and creates a pleasant experience to satisfy all your cravings.

6. Mango
This tropical fruit is incredibly mouth-watering in itself, isn’t it? This shisha flavour leaves you with a unique vibe of actual fruit and heavy smoke clouds. Those who love the sweet and heavenly taste of mango should definitely give this flavour a try and we bet; they couldn’t stop asking for more.

Final Thoughts
Tobacco consumption can cause headaches and many health-related problems. So, if you’re planning to buy shisha tobacco, keep its chemical additives in mind and choose fruits for smoking that are free from tobacco, nicotine, and tar.

At Hookah Fruits, you will find a handpicked selection of fruit flavours that contains fruits, spices, herbs, and natural flavourings that eliminate several health risks. Each flavour is made from premium-grade ingredients to offer the amazing smoke ability, rich aroma, and intense cloud every time.