Tobacco is a plant with wide leaves that originally was being planted in north and south America and today it is being planted all over the world. The main use of this plant is inhaling the smoke of it’s burned leaves which contains nicotine. People smoke tobacco by pouring it in paper or rolling its uncut leaves like a cigar. Smoking tobacco is another way of consuming tobacco.

This plant usually grows up to 15-25cm, its leaves are big and wide and have a special adhesive syrup.

In the late 15 century, after Columbus discovered America, he learned smoking tobacco from native Americans. In the opinion of the natives, tobacco was a sacred plant and was used to connecting with the world of the dead. Tobacco helped the economy of America grow and then found a way to the other countries of the world too. This product is a very precious product in economy of some countries like Cuba, China and united states.

The popularity of this plant after the discovery of America by Europeans caused the financial growth of America until planting cotton has replaced it. After united states civil war, and due to a change in demand and work force, production of Cigar started to flourish. This new product immediately caused the growth of tobacco companies. Nowadays the is more than 70 kinds of tobacco in Nicotiana family. The word Nicotiana and also nicotine has been chosen in honor of Jean Nicot, the ambassador of France in Portugal which in 1559 brought this plant as a medicine to the Catherine de Medici’s palace.

1.1 billion persons have tried tobacco at least once in their life, this is 1/6 of the whole world’s population.


The Spanish and Portuguese world for tobacco seems to have roots in the Taino language, which is from the Aravakan family in the Caribbean. It’s been said that in Taino, this word is being used to refer to a special kind of tobacco leaves or to a Y-Shaped pipe that was being used to smoke tobacco.


Tobacco was being used in America from ancient times until Europeans discovered America and introduced tobacco to Europe and other countries. A lot of native American Tribes has been planting and using tobacco from 1400 B.C to 1000 B.C.

A lot of eastern tribes of northern America carried tobacco in bags as an acceptable trade product and usually smoked it in Peace Pipes (Kind of Pipe) in sacred meetings. In these times they even smoked tobacco in childhood. They believed that tobacco is a gift from god and smoking it carries the thoughts and wishes of human to the heavens.

Before growing ‘Lighter Virginia’ and ‘Barely White’ tobacco smoke was very unpleasing and people who smoked it, couldn’t inhale it in their lungs. Smoking tobacco using pipes or as Cigar in rituals was causing a lot of short-term problems to the lungs and body health.


After the arrival of Europeans to the America, the popularity of tobacco as a commercial good has been increased. Also, it flourished the economy of the southern united states until in been replaced by cotton. After the united states civil war, changes in demand for tobacco and also the work force, caused James Bonsack to invent a machine that automatically produces Cigar.

This increase in production caused immediate grow of the tobacco and also a lot of science discoveries until the mid-20s.


After the science discoveries of the mid-20s, tobacco has been Known as an unhealthy product and eventually has been known as a cause for cancer and other respiratory and blood circulation problems. This led to the MSA which includes heavy taxes on production of tobacco and Voluntarily limitation on advertising and marketing it.