We all know at least one or two smokers in our circle, and we have all heard them defend their choices of wanting to smoke when criticized. Many people think that just because smokers have decided smoking, are unaware of its health hazards. News flash: they are not. It could be confidently said that most of them know the risks they are putting themselves through, and have accepted the consequences. At least, in theory. It can not, however, be confidently said that they are fully informed of the risks they are exposing their body to. Some are just ignorant, and some prefer ignorance for as it is famously said: it is bliss! And there is a third group that can be found among hookah (or shisha) smokers. This group knows that hookah is dangerous for health, and tobacco is used in smoking it too so the nicotine is all the same, but they all share a common belief, and that is the false belief of hookah being less hazardous and dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Now one might ask, why do they think such a thing is true? On what basis? To answer that, I must say on no basis, as are many other beliefs shared by people, no fact or statistic can back that claim up. It is merely something that has traveled mouth to mouth, that hookah, because of the water bowl and the body it contains, is healthier than cigarettes; for the smoke travels through the water, goes through the body and the pipe and then is inhaled in your lungs, so it must be less risky right? We all already know the answer, but let us take a closer look still, and study this in detail.

Comparison: Cigarettes VS Hookah

Traditional cigarettes are known for their hazardous effects on the body and the smoker’s general health. It is no secret that cigarettes contain nicotine, and nicotine contains around 600 different toxins that enter your lungs, and from then on, your whole body. One study even claimed that the death rate of non-smokers is about one-third of this rate for smokers. Keep in mind that both hookah smokers and cigarette smokers count.

Around six thousand different chemicals that at least 70 of them are directly linked to a type of cancer exist in nicotine, such as lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cavity cancer, bladder cancer, along with many heart diseases. Aside from these which are the better-known side effects of nicotine, it is important to note that many different health problems can also be a result of nicotine intake. Health problems such as diabetes, hair loss, dental problems, heart attacks (as a result of more blood clots), reduced sexual performance ability, loss of fertility on rare events, and many more. Innumerable problems are caused by smoking every day and everywhere. Does not matter how the health system is in your country, what you do to your own body is out of everyone’s control except yours.

Now we all know that everyone links these side effects to smoking cigarettes, and not hookah (or shisha) even though most of these diseases are caused by the nicotine inside, and what toxins it contains. The same nicotine that exists in the uniquely made tobaccos for hookah. So why do many people still believe that hookah is better than cigarettes, and will bring along fewer problems for the smoker?

As mentioned before, hookah has a water bowl that the smoke travels through and then is inhaled into your lungs, and that is why people think that the smoke is less hazardous! They think that the smoke is purified through water…. And this one does not think it necessary to point out the fact that it does NOT.

WHO (the World Health Organization) reported that 200 puffs of the hookah are equal to smoking 100  cigarettes. You can see that the myth is not true, and when put in comparison, the myth is reversed and statistics show that hookah can even be more dangerous than cigarettes!

Smoking hookah can result in loss of bone density, mouth cancer, asthma, wrinkles, kidney and stomach cancer as well as all the other problems that are mentioned above. It is important to remember that hookahs are used by many people, and the interior is rarely if ever thoroughly cleaned, and so the smoker is exposed to more risks as the result. Now not only should u worry about the dangers of nicotine, but you should also concerned about the infectious containments that reside inside the pipes.

In the end

No matter how you inhale it and what it goes through, tobacco is dangerous for your health and exposes your body to many risks and diseases. There are no SAFE substances in any tobacco leaf or blend, but you can still choose between choosing better or worse. HookahFruits is a respected brand when it comes to limited health risks and dangers in smoking, and is well known for producing uniquely made tobaccos for a hookah that contains no nicotine, and can even be chewed on and used in many different ways without you having to worry about the lethal toxins in nicotine. Be sure to give yourself the chance of healthier smoking, and check them out. That being said, note that smoking hookah can also be addictive, for it contains nicotine and tar just like cigarettes.