A massive part of smoking hookah is trying some new and delicious shisha flavours. With the list of new flavoured hookah coming out, the options are limitless. Sometimes, trying all these flavours and innumerable renditions of domestic classic flavours can get actually old and fast. Many individuals like to be creative

And they mix their own drinks, cook their own recipe and also like the freedom of discovering something all their own. The good news, hookah also allows people to do just that. You can combine any flavours to build your own concoctions to share with friends. You can’t just 2, eve 3,4 or 5 flavours to experience something different. Below, I’m going to share some tips to mix shisha for making the best hookah flavours mix.

Hookah Flavour Mixes
This first and foremost step to any recipe is gathering ingredients. It can look like a daunting task to choose tobacco-free hookah shish flavours that go well together, but in reality, it is much easier. You can imagine flavours from other aspects of life. Your favourite drink mixes with sweet or sour or tasty desserts that use fruit and cream to satisfy and tantalise the taste buds.

The perfect shisha mixes use flavours that complement each other tastes. When you have any doubt, take two different flavours and bring them close to your nose, and smell together. Your nose is the stoutest tool you have when trying to determine whether something is going to palate well or not. A good smell will give you a very obliging understanding of what the mixture will taste like. You should get creative and experiment. Because anyone won’t know what they like until you try.

• Sweet and Sour Shisha Mix
To get started, you can try a sweet and sour mix. Use any sweet blend with a sour that works to keep the fruit flavours at the forefront. This mix is always a go-to and is easily doable with any hookah brand.

• Dessert Shisha Mix
Dessert mixtures also help to make better hookah flavour mixes. These are generally made with vanilla, peanut, graham cracker, chocolate, or coffee flavoured hookah. You can add your favourite shisha to your favourite fruit to get a delicious dessert.

• Hookah Mixing Techniques
Once you have your hookah brands and shisha flavours selected; you can move onto baking. There is a wide range of techniques that come with their own benefits. There are some that work well with specific hookah dishes, while other work better based on the mixture you are going for or the ratio of hookah flavours.

• Layered Hookah Flavour Mix
Layering your flavours lets your flavour outline somewhat change through your hookah session and works best with an old-style clay hookah bowl. Pack your most protuberant flavour first. The maximum ratio of shisha goes at the bottom, straight on top of the shacks in the bowl. Pack like you generally would with the variety of shisha you have chosen. Next, add each added flavour in layers, each overhead the last.

• Side by Side Shisha Mix
When using a phunnel hookah bowl, the side-by-side mixing technique is the best packing method. Place each hookah flavour distinctly around the centre spike, in theory, giving each palate its own quadrant of the bowl. You can switch which flavour you taste more by moving your hookah charcoal on topmost of that exact flavour.

These are some important things that you should consider to mix your hookah. You can find one of the best online hookah stores to buy tobacco-free flavoured hookah that is made with locally sourced fruits and the best- imported additives for added longevity to the products.