Despite what the general public usually assumes, people who smoke do care for their health and well-being, but the difference between them and the non-smokers is probably the fact that most smokers prefer to forget all the side effects, or they forget without really intending to do so. After all, it is not as if remembering does them any good, is it? Yet here we are, reminding all the smokers and non-smokers that there are side effects, and they may vary based on many crucial factors. The first one is how the tobacco is used. Is it hand-rolled into a thin paper or is it shook into smaller pieces and used for hookah? I believe everyone knows that the latter (hookah side effects) are much drier than your everyday cigarettes. Smokers might forget from time to time, but that does not mean that they do not care. If you are reading this article, then you are probably a hookah user as well, looking to reduce its side effects for the better. And the good news is, there are many ways to reduce hookah’s side effects, and you are about to find them out.

What is hookah

Many already know the answer, but for the sake of giving a short reminder, Hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke uniquely made tobaccos which come in different flavors such as fruit flavors (apple, watermelon, grapes), mint, cinnamon, and many others. And unlike what is generally thought, it is much more popular among teenagers and young adults than it is among adults. One study even commented on how some start smoking hookah from the age of 12. This may have different reasons; a family who smokes hookah will have children smoke with them as early as 12 too, naturally, or perhaps curious minds of these youngsters push them to try this innocent-looking smoking device which is said to be less dangerous than cigarettes.

Hookah, which is also called shisha, began to be used ages ago in ancient Persia along with India, but nowadays hookah cafes have gained popularity in many countries such as Britain, Russia, the US, and all middle is important to note that second-hand smoking also applies to hookah, and it can put close people the smoker at risk as well.

Hookah side effects

First of all, I believe a short reminding session is in order. For as it was mentioned, hookah smokers (and smokers of all other types) do tend to forget the side effects of what they smoke on the daily. And since the article’s focus is on reducing hookah side effects, they will be mentioned first.

Many of those who smoke hookah are not aware of its health impact; and usually wrongly believe that the smoke that is inhaled through a water pipe is much ‘safer’ than the traditional, everyday cigarettes many uses. Hookah, similar to other smoking devices, uses tobacco and as it is common knowledge, tobacco contains a certain amount of nicotine. Now nicotine on its own is addictive and linked to many health problems, especially if it is used at young ages. But when it is used in hookah, the side effects are even worse, for hookah use is associated with various health concerns and even acute dangers such as increased heartbeat rate, lung and bladder cancer, oral cancer, as well as many heart diseases. These side effects are similar to smoking but are more acutely dangerous in the hookah. And as bad as they may sound, there are ways to reduce hookah’s side effects.


How to reduce hookah side effects

Keep in mind that there is no way to escape all the harmful side effects, but it can be well managed to cut it down by amounts. First, remember to always eat before smoking. Blood pressure may drop while you’re smoking and a dizzy session of consecutive puffs is not fun for anyone. Choose your tobacco carefully, for as it was mentioned, the tobacco type is very important regarding how the nicotine will affect you. Inhale lightly, as lightly as possible as to avoid getting the toxin down to the lungs. It may not sound important, but it is one of the many important steps In reducing hookah’s side effects.  Remember to not handle the equipment yourself if you are not confident in your abilities, and let someone else do it for you. The most important step to reduce the hookah side effect is: do not share the same pipe with someone else. It may not be very financially appealing, but trust me when I say it will be later when you don’t have to get hospitalized and be on meds. And if you do happen to be sharing the same water pipe with someone else, and are unable to smoke separately and on your own for whatever reason, do get your mouthpiece at least. Every hookah place has its plastic mouthpieces that can be used and then thrown away after being used once. Reducing hookah side effects is possible through cautionary steps, and not even are these are going to help reduce hookah side effects, but they are important things that should be done for any smoker’s safety.

In the end

The most effective way to reduce hookah’s side effects is to quit smoking, and that is the end of it. There are health hazards that can only be averted through cutting tobacco off, and no amount of light inhaling and/or using sanitized mouthpieces will make these dangers go away. Of course, that does not mean that the smokers should let go of all caution and just smoke it away now that there is no way to reduce hookah effects entirely, but it means that the most they can do are to take the aforementioned steps, keep their physical health in mind throughout it all, and hope for the best.