If you are reading this article, then you are probably familiar with Mazaya products and just want a confirmation on your decision of whether you should buy what you have in mind, or not. That is of course, one possible case scenario among many. You may just be a curious net surfer, wandering and reading up on random things you find on the internet, until you happened to spot a Mazaya tobacco review text in front of you. You may not even be a smoker at all, and are just bored, or you are a smoker but just do not know what tobacco you should go for next time you want to make your purchase? Hopefully, you will find your answer soon. Mazaya may not be the brand you would want to go for by the end of this article, but then again, it may! Reading Mazaya tobacco reviews will help you identify your desired qualities in a tobacco, give you information about tobaccos in general, and help you make your next purchase more wisely.

In order to thoroughly analyze this brand (Mazaya) and its various products, you need to be familiar with some important qualities, ones you would need to observe and double check on any occasion you wanted to make a tobacco purchase. (Mazaya or not) . These qualities are innumerous, but some of the more significant ones are: packaging, quality control, and shipment are among these.

About mazaya
If you are looking for Mazaya tobacco reviews, you must first get familiar with the company that os dealing you the products. Mazaya hookah molasses is said to be the original taste of tobacco when it comes to hookah (or shisha). They date back to around 1913, and it is safe to say that this brand knows how to keep its customers. This brand is well known for using high quality French tobacco leaves , natural honey, purely natural food flavors which contain no amount of alcohol (they are alcohol free) . The production process requires multiple different steps that are managed with the highest standards, and in hands of the professionals (people who have been doing this for years.) The process begins with the hand-picking of the highest quality tobacco leaves which are farmed and used by Mazaya itself, until they are stick free. They are then cut precisely and carefully and in compliance with Mazaya ‘s requirements to serve the customer’s needs. After that, comes the blending. Tobacco leaves are carefully blended with other ingredients and this process is repeated until the final tobacco becomes homogeneous. This company has different departments for each step, and of course, not all steps will be mentioned here (Brand image, packaging , pricing, delivery, product placement and last but not least, advertisement.
Mazaya also accepts returned products if the quality was unsatisfactory, and adds 20 percent re stock fees, which will be applied on top of shipment fees.

Quality control

As mentioned above, Mazaya has different departments for different stages of production that takes place in each company (as well as after sale department such as the department responsible for customer services). And it comes with no surprise that a quality check department also exists and functions within each company branch. Freshness and blending is controlled throughout the production and is also checked again in the end. various ingredients are also used to replace the sugars lost during
The curing process (when the leaves are hung so that heated air, or a decent ventilation system dry the leaves. This is one of the stages of tobacco blending, and sun is also used in this process occasionally) and to give Mazya’s unique taste and aroma to each product. Mazaya tobacco reviews all state that if the quality of the final product is not what the customer desires, they can always ask for a refund or send an e-mail to the customer service department. Although after reading up on many Mazaya tobacco reviews, this one has rarely come across such a thing but it may happened depending on what you get, how you get it, or when you get it.
Mazaya’s quality control department supposedly makes sure that everything is in order and that your product’s quality is at the top of its game. But that does not mean that you, as a customer, should not do your research and demand information and support (and even feedback from previous buyers) anyway.


As a product of shipment, packaging can be very important when it comes to sending, handling, and receiving the product. Of course, a major part of this is out of the sender’s control and not much can be done when the agent responsible for handling the tobacco you ordered is half asleep and half awake, or just had a bad day and now this certain box of tobacco is looking extra hittable. Although, one should be thankful that tobaccos are not breakable or very much damageable, even though the quality may drop if certain types of harm come to it (for example if the products are dropped in water, put in humid atmosphere, or are kept in places that are too dry, too warm, or too cold) . When it comes to the initial packaging though, you can rest assured that the tobacco and the blended ingredients are well packed and reserved from harm inside special containers (whose textures may vary depending on the type of product they are protecting).

All in all, Mazaya tobacco reviews show that the brand and the company are well reputed for living up to the hype and producing what it has promised; as well as having kept the classy taste of tobacco and flavor used for hookah since the old days. You may read a couple reviews on online tobacco shops and their websites to make sure the feedback is as good as they (we) say!