People are smoking hookah for ages for plenty of reasons, such as relaxation, social interaction, and thrilling experiences. But whatever the reason, tobacco consumption isn’t a wise option for a sense of enjoyment as it contains toxins that could pose health hazards.

You might have heard people experiencing sore throat, headache, or unpleasant taste sensation after hookah smoking. Well, that’s because of a certain amount of nicotine, tar, and tobacco. So, how you can avoid this and have similar delights with significantly fewer health ramifications? If you don’t know yet, please continue reading.

What is Meant by Tobacco-Free Shisha?
As the name describes, tobacco-free shisha is one that consists of no tobacco and uses healthy alternatives to deliver the same pleasure to users in the world of hookah smoking. It combines fruits, herbs, and spices to help you abandon the hazardous tradition of hookah and produce rich, dense, and intense smoke at every puff.

Instead of tobacco, it is made of safe ingredients that don’t contain addictive substances and make a detrimental effect on your overall well-being.

What Can You Use Instead of Shisha Tobacco?
In order to get rid of harmful carcinogens present in tobacco, you can choose fruits for hookah flavours that are free from tobacco, tar, and nicotine. It contains handpicked fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavourings that are twice as rich and intense as regular tobacco with fewer health consequences. Sounds good, isn’t it?

You can find an incredible variety of fruit flavours in distinct tastes and preferences. Below are the best recommendations for hookah flavours you should try in 2021.

1. Strawberry
This outstanding flavour carries a lip-smacking taste and aroma with a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. If you’re into strawberry bliss and love homemade jam, you shouldn’t miss out on any chance to give this a shot.

2. Lime
For some extra freshness and unforgettable experiences, lime is a great choice. Especially if you’re into delightful flavours of meringues and teas, you will definitely fall in love with this.

3. Blueberry
A punch of blueberry is never a bad option, giving exquisite taste and rich aroma in every puff. It is full of freshness, sweetness, and juicy taste, most popular among smokers.

4. Mango
Ever imagined tasting this tropical fruit in hookah? It’s time to dive into a bliss of juicy and sweet taste of mango with exotic hints of sourness, ideal for all hookah fanatics.

5. Grape
For flavoursome taste and divine aroma, opting for grape flavour makes perfect sense. It contains mellow sweetness and brings a unique taste and pleasure, recommended for long hookah smoking sessions.

Where to Buy Tobacco-Free Shisha?
If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality tobacco-free shisha, we’d be glad to present our exciting selection of fruit flavours for smoking in different tastes and preferences. Fruits and flavourings are freshly handpicked to eliminate health-related risks.

If you wish to try these ideal replacements for tobacco smoking, count on us to quit tobacco consumption and come to the world of fruits, reliably packaged and shipped to your door.