Shisha or Hookah is a water pipe that is being used to smoke a special type of tobacco. This tobacco comes in different flavors like apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon and most people think that is less harmful.
Although most users think that shisha is less harmful than the other methods of smoking tobacco but it has the same health risks and negative effects of smoking cigarettes. Shishas come in different shapes and sizes but a typical one has a head with holes on the bottom, a metal or wooden body, a water bowl, and a flexible hose that is attached to a mouthpiece.
Most users usually smoke shisha in groups and its hose is passed from a person to another
Using shisha
The start of using a hookah or shisha dates back to centuries ago in ancient Persia or/and India. Today shisha cafés are gaining more and more popularity in different countries like Britain, France, Russia, the middle east, and the united states.
Traditional shisha
A traditional shisha is a type of water pipe. In this kind of pipe. the tobacco burns in a small bowl and the smoke of it go through a water chamber. Then the smoke goes to the mouthpiece using a rubber hose. The smoker inhales the smoke of tobacco through this mouthpiece.
Shisha pens
Shisha or hookah pens are some sorts of e-cigarette. Some kinds of disposable hookah pens vaporize a liquid that according to the makers it has no tobacco, Nicotine, or Tar. Proving this is hard because the liquid or the pens haven’t been tested by independent groups of people.
Even if these pens are free of nicotine, they’re not a good idea. These pens usually contain chemical substances and flavors that taste like candy. This taste makes the smoking experience less harsh and because of this, experts suggest that this can pull smokers into other forms of smoking. Also, inhaling these chemical substances can cause some harm to your lungs.
How to smoke shisha
Now that we know exactly what is hookah it’s time to move on to preparing and smoking hookah. This procedure is something like this:
First of all, you have to check that the shisha is clean and tidy. A clean hookah is one of the fundamentals of a fresh-tasting hookah session. Then fill the bottle or water container with cold water.
After this, you have to attach the stem and the hose to the bottle. Using special hookah tongs pull pieces of tobacco into the bowl. Then you have to cover the bowl with layers of foil. The number of layers depends on the hookah, coal, and tobacco. For finding the exact number of layers you have to run some test sessions.
After covering the bowl with foil, you have to poke 30 to 50 holes on it. This ensures that the air can have a good flow. After this place the tobacco bowl on the stem and ignite the coals. If you use quick light coals they need less time to ignite but natural coals take more time. When coal is fully lit is has finished sparkling and is red hot all over it.
After all of these steps, you should place the windscreen and enjoy the session.
You might ask yourself how a shisha works. It’s really simple! The tobacco that you place in the bowl is heated using coal. With the coal heating the tobacco, it creates smoke. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke will be pulled through the bottle or vase and cools down before reaching your lungs.
Some facts about shisha
• In the united states, people refer to hookah tobacco as shisha or shisha tobacco. The shisha traditionally is a mix of tobacco, molasses, and fruit. In the countries that speak Arabic refers to the tobacco as Moassal, which simply means molasses
• In the 19th century mostly women were indulged in smoking hookahs and shisha because of the time that is required to smoke a bowl of shisha and the busier men were smoking cigarettes
• Water in the bowl is not a good guarantee that cleans the smoke but it can cool it down.
• One of the most popular flavors of shisha around the world is double apple and mint
• Traditionally hookahs should be placed on the floor and not on the table or any risen platforms
Frequently asked questions about shisha
Is smoking shisha better than smoking cigarettes?
This discussion is as old as the hookahs. While there are multiple views on this topic but we will agree on the social aspect and say that smoking shisha is better than cigarettes.
Here are 5 top reasons why people think that smoking shisha is better than cigarettes:
• The variety of flavors available
• A better taste of shisha
• The ability to do it indoors
• The longer-lasting of hookah
• Doing hookah is a kind of ritual
Does shisha get you very high?
This is one of the most frequent questions about shisha but the answer to it is more complex than what you might think. First of all, yes, hookah can get you buzzed but not high like what you think.
We recommend you that always have a drink to accompany your hookah session. Besides offering you a good experience, having a drink is useful in following the golden rule of staying hydrated. You might felt dizzy or sick after smoking shisha but there is nothing to worry about. This is just your body that tells you it can’t handle so much nicotine at once. The best way to preventing this is to have enough drink or even a small snack before starting the smoking session.
Does hookah have nicotine?
Technically, no. hookah is an instrument that is being used for smoking tobacco or shisha. So hookahs don’t contain nicotine. But most hookah tobaccos have nicotine. If you want to enjoy the hookah but don’t want to worry about nicotine, there are a lot of nicotine-free tobaccos on the market.