Vaping is becoming an alternative form of smoking with devices like hookah pens and vape pens and thereby, a lot of misunderstanding has been created in the process in regards to hookah smoking. It might be tempting to turn to e-cigarettes but let us clear you one thing that both hookah and vaping present the same threat in different packaging.

Shisha tobacco is another problem, containing toxic carcinogens and chemicals like nicotine, tar, and heavy metals that could be dangerous for your health. Thinking water can eliminate the hazard? It doesn’t, you will be still exposed to addictive substances in the smoke.

With the recent hit over e-cigarettes or vaping, many people turn to this popular alternative to hookah. Let’s see a difference between hookah and vaping, how they both are a big threat to health and what’s the better alternative.

What is a Hookah?
The hookah, also commonly known as shisha was originally used in the Middle East, comprised of a water-loaded bowl, a pipe for tobacco and flavouring, and a hose to smoke the tobacco. Hookah smoking has been a tradition for ages and now becoming popular among teenagers and young adults.

What is Vaping?
Vaping or e-cigarettes heat nicotine (a substance extracted from tobacco), flavourings, and other harmful chemicals to produce an aerosol to inhale. Using a vaping device, e-liquid is heated and vaper is produced to inhale.

There is no doubt that these expose a person to toxic chemicals which are no good for health. The CDC recommends people not to consume THC-containing e-cigarettes or vaping products.

What’s the Difference Between Hookah and Vaping?
In vaping, instead of tobacco, nicotine and other harmful elements are present that are extracted from tobacco leaves. On the other hand, hookah still uses tobacco. Although the appearance of both is different, they both contain nicotine which makes them equally harmful for people of all ages.

The Risks of Hookah and Vaping
Combustion can still occur in hookah pipes and it directly means consuming tobacco, just like cigarette smoking. Hookah smoke contains the same chemicals as tobacco smoke, such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals, carcinogenic or toxic components. You might believe the water filters out these hazardous substances, sadly, it is false.

It is worth stressing the fact that vaping isn’t safe at all. It can irritate the lungs and could pose several health-related issues after long-term use. Even though the level of hazardous chemicals is low, there are still harmful chemicals present in it. So don’t get hooked on nicotine, it would be best for you to quit smoking hookah as well as e-cigarettes to keep your health and safety in check.

What’s the Better Alternative to Shisha Tobacco and Vaping?
Now that you’ve understood the risks associated with shisha tobacco and vaping, the most effective way to reduce its side effects is to quit smoking. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the same delights ever again.

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