Are you a shisha entrepreneur? Are you a hookah enthusiast?

if you are looking to have your own Shisha flavour Brand, Tobacco or non-Tobacco products, you are at the right place. Our Factory and workplace offer you the opportunity to non-Factory owners to own their brand of Hookah Flavours and Tobacco. Throughout our production process, we are focused highly on ensuring that your products are manufactured and packaged innovatively to show off your brand’s superiority from the inside and outside. We manufacture Fruity Flavours, Herbal Molasses and Tobacco only using the best ingredients to ensure a high-quality aromatic flavouring.

Our products are processed on fully automated machines without any human intervention. Our facilities can manufacture over 100 different flavours with and without nicotine to meet all your requirements. Our marketing department further strives to create a product that is eye grabbing to prospective customers and we can supply our packaging in a vast array of environmentally sustainable methods. We can package in any way such as Paper Packs, Glass Jars, Plastic Container, Metal Cans, or Pouches, and also in varying quantities based on the consumer desires to fully meet your demands, granting you to choose different sizes of packaging in 50g, 100g,  250g, 500g or 1kg.

If you are a prospective client and looking to get into the shisha industry or wish to rebrand your products, please contact and have a chat to us about the various appealing opportunities for co-designing the perfect products for your business. With our Manufacturing Team, anything is possible through sourcing all ingredients based on your unique taste and preference, adding meticulous detail to the product as well as incorporating your logo on top. The possibilities are endless, and your vision is our wish!!