Hookah fruits; fresh fruits with a range of flavours to replace conventional hookah tobacco
Due to the enticing aroma of fruits, there are many people who prefer hookahs with different flavours, which is why they turn to dried and artificially flavoured tobacco that contain many chemicals which can lead to fatal illnesses like cancer. However, Hookah Fruits presents a new and less harmful solution for those who like to enjoy flavoured Hookahs.

Disadvantages of conventional hookah tobacco
  • Flavoured tobaccos are very dry and through burning result in a bitter and unpleasant taste.
  • They lose their flavour and aroma quickly
  • The presence of chemical additives is a serious threat to the health of the consumer
  • The smoke of the burning tobacco is very thick and polluting
  • The freshly handpicked fruits of reduce the health risks considerably
  • Once placed in the Hookah bowl, Hookah fruits maintain their freshness and flavour for up to three hours
  • Unlike dried and flavoured tobacco, the smoke from Hookah Fruits is less polluted, easier to smoke and aromatic
  • The volume of smoke produced form Hookah fruits can be up to three times as much as conventional tobaccos.

While using Hookah fruits, the fresh pieces of fruit are heated instead of tobacco, therefore producing an aromatic flavourful experience.
Different flavours of fresh fruit for different tastes
With immense scrutiny we have allocated specifically chosen farms around the world for the growth of our fruit. Following rigorous testing to produce the ideal product we are proud to present the following flavours.









Two Apples


Multi fruits

Green Apple



Orange Cream

Sour Cherry


Mint and lemon


Double Apple Mint

Watermelon and grape

Iced watermelon

Iced apple

Red grape

  • Natural fruit
  • Propylene glycol
  • atural essence
  • Nicotine-free and tobacco-free glycerol
  • Hookah fruit is not edible
  • Store in a cool, dry preferably dark place
  • Keep out of reach of children