HOOKAH FRUITS™ 50g HOOKAH FLAVOURS | No Tobacco, No Tar, No Nicotine

Check out our coolest and most loved 50g Hookah Flavours range ever! Dive into our flavours range below.

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  • Trade Name: HOOKAH FRUITS™
  • Healthier and Tastier Alternative to Tobacco
  • No Tobacco, No Tar and No Nicotine
  • Contain Processed Fruits, Herbs, Spices, and Natural Flavouring
  • Only a 8 to 15g serving is required to pack your shisha bowl
  • It lasts up to 3 hours in a single Shisha session
  • Rich, intense, and dense smoke in every puff
  • Licensed by GMP, Halal and FDA registration (FFR)
  • Providing a vast majority of 100g Flavours to match all the desires

HOOKAH FRUITS™ 50g SHISHA FLAVOURS | No Tobacco, No Tar, No Nicotine | Available In All Tobacco Flavors

We are super excited to introduce the freshest and finest from HOOKAH FRUITS™ – our latest Shisha Flavour range is hitting the shelves! Also, this is crafted with passion in the Middle East, and our hookah flavours lead to the fruity ones on the market. Dive into our innovative collection featuring a vast array of high-quality, unique single and dual-note flavours, globally renowned as ”Fruits For Smoking.”

Proudly Australian-owned, we’ve carefully made our shisha flavours to present a premium alternative to traditional tobacco, focusing on health without compromising on taste.

First of all, our range is more than just flavours; it’s your ticket to an extraordinary smoking journey. In fact, Each 50g blend is a pledge of our dedication to excellence, merging the best-processed fruits, herbs, and spices for an unmatched taste and aroma. Second, being free from tar, nicotine, and tobacco, our shisha flavours guarantee a purer, more enjoyable experience every time.

Selecting HOOKAH FRUITS™ is a choice for a lifestyle where well-being and pleasure go hand in hand. Accordingly, It’s your chance to delve into a realm where each inhale is a celebration of freshness and taste. Hence, whether you’re a professional or just starting, our hookah flavours range is set to elevate your shisha moments into unforgettable experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it; come see the magic for yourself. Firstly, step into the vibrant world of HOOKAH FRUITS™ and become part of a discerning community that demands nothing less than the best. Next, switch to a healthier, more delightful smoking option today with our special flavour range. Let’s embark on this enhanced smoking adventure together.

If you are interested in purchasing this product in bulk and wish to receive our wholesale pricing and support, you are in the right place. Please fill out the form below, and one of our sales team members will contact you shortly.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 4 cm
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