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HOOKAH FRUITS™ was proudly founded in Sydney, Australia. We are one of the largest suppliers and leading brands of “Fruits for Smoking” and Shisha Accessories throughout the world. By inspiring traditional Middle Eastern methods, HOOKAH FRUITS™ is covering a range of products to cover different desires and preferences. Creativity and innovation help develop new ways of improving an existing product and customer satisfaction. Thus, this is the best alternative to tobacco and covers both novices and professionals.

“Our brand brings the next generation of innovative and premium quality Hookah flavours and developments which sees a wide selection to suit all tastes and preferences to the market with help from some of the greatest minds, researchers, and scientists in the shisha industry. We have been manufacturing and producing our products overseas using locally sourced fruits and the best imported additives for added longevity to our products.

We are one of the biggest and prominent exporters of Hookah flavours in the world that supply and export our products from middle east and Australia. Also, we distribute the products throughout Australia and also abroad to all approved regions in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.”

HOOKAH FRUITS PTY. LTD. operates under the ABN 72634247984 and is also the Owner of Register Trade Mark of “HOOKAH FRUITS™ Real Sliced Fruits™”, “HOOKAH FRUITS™” and the “Hookah Real Sliced Fruits Logo™”. Please look at the Trade Mark page if you need further information.

HOOKAH FRUITS™ strive for market leading performance; as such, we are focused on continually releasing an excellent new flavour at the most competitive prices to maintain the innovative nature of our brand. The high quality, consistency and natural flavour of our product is paramount; demonstrated through our rigorous quality control measures at our factories.

Like any good 21st Century company, we are aware of the great potential for our online client base and are therefore dedicated to continually maintaining our internet presence so that our loyal users are the first to be aware of our latest releases and newest deals. Our brand desires to give buyers the best customer service in all areas including pre-sale and post-sale, we have a 24/7 online support and continued monitoring on your order to ensure it gets delivered as quickly as possible to get you smoking sooner!

HOOKAH FRUITS™ has amassed a loyal fanbase over the past few years and we are extremely thankful. As a result of this, we are releasing our loyalty program which will enable us to give back to our fans by offering discounts, free delivery, and added bonuses with each order.

Finally, HOOKAH FRUITS™ has been recognised by different organisations as a significant step forward in improving the consumption of smoking products and has successfully obtained the following certificates and registration from the FDA, HALAL FOOD and GMP.


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