what's hookah Fruits ?
Hookahfruits is the new generation of Shisha .
The best quality fruitsbare picked from All over the world and after special process are changed to an ideal replacement for htmful tobaccos , So Unique and genuine expreince of hookah will enter a new and healthy era . Imagin dry and harmful tobaccos has been replaced with fresh , juicy , tasty and fragrant fruits on top of hookah bowl . the good news is that , this is not only imagination ! With hookah fruits this dream comes true !
  • Fresh high quality fruits picked from all over the world to replace tobacco of your hookah
  • With hookah Fruits you will prolong the hookah smoking till 3 hours
  • Hooka fruits comes from heart of nature with out any harmful chemical combination
  • using Fresh Fruits instead of tobacco in shisha , brings unique enjoyable calmness without usual headache troubles
  • New method , Creative and speciall
Tar 0%
Nicotine 0%
Natural 100%

A healthy way for continuing an Ancient Tradition.
The tar and nicotin existing in tobacco , is the main reason of threating life of shisha fans and lots of them all around the world have to abondon this enjoyable lovely trafition to save their well being.
Hookah Fruits collects fresh fruits famous their wonderful features . From the farms all over the world and after doing several tests and processing in different phases offer constant eternal solution to keep shisha users health. For this, Fresh fruit pieces replace dry tobacco to offer you tastier, lighter and healthier shisha.
The interesting thing is that we have increased the hookah smoke three times and at the same time reduces the harms of hookah close to zero . In order to reach this , hookah Fruits has been noticed by different organization and has been recognized as a huge innovation in international societies . This product has been successful to get different licenses. The most importants are FDA, HALAL FOOD , GMP and CE .

  • No nicotinne
  • No tar
  • No tobacco
  • Unique flavors
  • Only fruits and natural ingeredients
  • Huge amount of steam
  • FDA license holder
  • GMP license holder
  • CE license holder
  • HALAL license holder
  • Reach smoking 3 times more than regular tobaccos

How To Use:


Open the protection foil

This protects fruits from drying and will help to keep the unique fresh taste of fruits

Fill the hookah bowl

Instead of using dry , harmful tobaccos fill the hookah bowl with fresh and juicy HookahFruits . Do this phase using ate spoon very easily.
Note : we suggest you to use hookah bowl with out holes on surface

Add the charcoal

It's too easy , No matter you are pro or beginner ! Cover the bowl with foil , make charcoal on the top ! Same as you do for regular tobacco bowl


The unique formula provides a rich, intense and dense steam through the whole process of smoking. Shisha flavor is not lost and remains fresh. Standard refilling (5 grams) is enough for 3 hours of intensive smoking.


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