New flavours are coming

At the moment we just provide nine different flavours including two apples, orange, mint, lime, strawberry, grape, peach, blueberry and pineapple in Australia. We have been approaching to import a few tasty and unique flavours that most of the smokers would love to try them. These new flavours are blueberry mint, orange mint, cherry and […]

Online sale is launching in Australia

The good news is we have been targeting potential customers all around the country and selling our products online through our eCommerce website. Rather than being restricted to customers who are willing to buy products from the store in person, they can purchase online through our powerful in Australia. This service will be available in […]

What is our plan for international sale?

At the moment, we don’t sell HookahFruits products online internationally. We are trying to launch our international shop and target our customers right around the world soon. The best approach that has been taken by the company is working with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.