Reasons for Blood Pressure Drop While Smoking Hookah

Some individuals may experience symptoms of a drop in blood pressure after using a hookah. These symptoms can vary in severity, including the following:


  1. Blurring of vision: This sensation may occur suddenly, causing a person to experience darkness or blackness in their vision.
  2. Feeling of weakness and fatigue: A person may feel low energy, general weakness, and fatigue. These symptoms indicate a gradual decrease in blood pressure.
  3. Feeling light-headed: Individuals may feel that their head has become light and may even experience dizziness.
  4. Dizziness, primarily upon standing up: These symptoms may intensify when a person changes from seated to standing. Dizziness can be severe and affect individuals’ balance when standing.

These symptoms may arise due to the impact of hookah on blood pressure and oxygen delivery to the brain. In severe cases, a drop in blood pressure may lead to loss of consciousness. When blood pressure drops significantly, the patient may experience more severe symptoms, such as reduced blood supply to vital organs, loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, decreased urine volume, and reduced blood circulation.


The drop in blood pressure after smoking hookah may be attributed to various factors:


– Body’s need for food and fluids: Smoking hookah on an empty stomach may lead to decreased blood pressure and may even cause nausea, dizziness, fainting, or headaches. To prevent and treat dizziness and blood pressure drops after smoking hookah, it is advisable to eat something before starting.


– Aromatherapy effect: Some individuals experience a specific sense of calmness after smoking hookah. Aromatherapy or the olfactory effects of tobacco and specific scents may contribute to this calming sensation, reducing blood pressure.


– Deep breathing effect: People who smoke hookah often engage in deeper breathing. Deep breathing can stimulate the central nervous system and reduce blood pressure.


– Stress reduction: Smoking hookah is commonly seen as a recreational activity that may help individuals reduce daily stress and concerns. Stress reduction can also contribute to a decrease in blood pressure.


– Effects of other plants: Hookah may be consumed with additional compounds such as tea or herbal extracts. Some plants have pain-relieving and calming effects, potentially aiding in reducing blood pressure.


– Temporary effects: The drop in blood pressure after smoking hookah is usually temporary and short-lived. It may be associated with factors such as the pain-relieving and calming effects of hookah smoke, changes in breathing, and regional psychological pressure.


– Antioxidant effect: Some substances in hookah, such as terpenes and phenols, possess antioxidant properties. These substances may act as anti-inflammatories, improving blood vessel function and reducing blood pressure.


As a recommendation, individuals experiencing dizziness and blood pressure drop after using hookah should refrain from its consumption. In case of recurring issues, consulting a physician is advisable. A drop in blood pressure can be a serious health concern and should be evaluated and treated under the guidance of medical professionals. Additionally, hookah consumption may pose other health risks, requiring careful attention. Lastly, for those unable to quit hookah, the best recommendation is natural tobacco with hookah fruit flavors.


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